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Welcome Producers

The Poker Rodeo™ Association of America is dedicated to the men and women who make our sports possible - the Producers and their associates.  We're not just about PokerSort and PokerPenning... we'll give you tools to make all your events more efficient and more profitable. Join the Producer's Club today!  Joining the Producer's Club is FREE to qualified producers. Please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you to help you get started!

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More Sports, Lower Costs...

The cost of cattle and managing events is ever-increasing. Now with a herd of 28 cows, you can offer ranch sorting, PokerSorting™ and PokerPenning™.

Increase your revenue generating ability without adding more cows. Since only 17% of the herd is being sorted instead of 100% of the herd, it's not uncommon to run 50-100 teams before changing herds? Our sports are easier on the cattle and more efficient for producers.

New Producer Tools

We'll provide you the tools you need to:

  • Pre-register participants with the click of a button
  • Receive pre-event credit card funds
  • Create random teams instantly
  • Print your teams instantly
  • Process new entries instantly
  • Easily accept entries at the last minute
  • Drive new participants to your events

Unique Prizes!

Join the Producer's Club today and we'll give you a unique link to PokerRodeo™'s Producers Store where you can select the prizes you want with the simple click of a button!

Make & Keep All Your Money...

Simple... You keep 100% of the money you make at your events.

New Smiles New Fun

"I've never seen people laugh so much and have so much fun as I have tonight!"

~ Lynn Devenport, Producer

Producer Benefits

  • FREE use of the Producer's Secretary App
  • Instant Check-in of your event participants
  • Manage last minute cancellations or add-ons seamlessly
  • 30 Second paper print-out of teams and final results
  • Manage various sports including Team Penning, Ranch Sorting, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, PokerPenning™ & 2Man PokerSort™.
  • Cloud-based archiving of liability waivers for your protection
  • Cloud-based archiving of your event scores
  • You keep 100% of monies generated at your event

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