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PokerPenning™  and  PokerSorting™

Imagine the familiar sports of 2-Man Ranch Sort, Team Penning or Sort and Rope.  Now imagine... instead of standard numbers on the cattle, you're looking at specially designed giant playing cards on the cows. It is your team's challenge to make your best possible five card poker hand by either sorting or penning five card-tagged cows in the fastest possible time. Your team is rewarded substantially for speed as well as the value of your "hand".

2Man PokerSort™

Read rules: The 2Man PokerSort™ Rules


Read rules: The PokerPenning™ Rules

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7-Card PokerDraw™

7-Card PokerDraw™ is designed for riders who are generally familiar with ranch sorting but less familiar with PokerSorting™. The sport has the same rules and principles as ranch sorting and the 2Man PokerSort™ but in an introductory format with only seven cows. Each cow has a PokerRodeo™ card on it and all the cards are the same suit, such as spades, 8's through ace. A two-man team must move all seven cows, in ranking order, to the adjacent pen in the fastest possible time, starting with the random hole card announced by the judge. Scores are based solely on the teams' speed. The producer may select a clock of 60, 75, 90, or 120 seconds and all scores are automatically calculated by the producer/secretary based on the Royal Flush value using PokerRodeo's™ proprietary software.

3Man2Gate PokerSort™

Popular in Texas & Oklahoma, 3Man2Gate offers a similar a challenge similar to 2Man PokerSort™ but the arena is oval shaped and has two gates separated by a panel. The judge sits in the center panel “island”, watching both gates. Three riders race the clock to build their best 5 card poker hand. This sport utilizes PokerRodeo™ software to manage teams, track scores, and run the sport.

PokerMounted Shooting™

Imagine riding fast through a full-size arena with black powder pistols and a shotgun (non-projectile). With 28 balloon targets with oversized playing cards attached to them, it is the rider’s challenge to shoot the targets to make their best five card poker hand. The rider is given the hole card by the judge which must be shot last.

PokerSort & Rope™

PokerSort & Rope™ requires a two man PokerSort™ team to sort their best five card hand, including the designated hole card in the fastest time. Once 5 cows are successfully sorted to the target pen, the team must hold both herds and, using a breakaway hondo rope, lay a head loop over the hole card. When the hole card cow is roped and the hondo snaps, time is called. The team earns their score based on the speed and the value of their hand.

PokerSheep Sorting™

Designed for kids 16 and under, or willing adults, this sport challenges three PokerSort™ contestants to sort their best five card poker hand in the fastest time. This sport uses 28 sheep with PokerSort™ cards attached to them in a sorting pen configuration similar to PokerSorting™ but each pen is approximately 25 feet in diameter instead of the standard 50-60 foot pens.